Expansion Vessels


 Heating Epansion Vessels


Elbi expansion and pressure vessels. Available from 8ltr to 500ltr. LPHW expansion vessels (Red) for use on heating systems.

Multifunctional sanitary vessels with fixed bladder

These are designed to be fitted into both sanitary systems as expansion tanks, suitable to absorb the water expansion volume generated by changing temperature as well as pressure tanks for cold water sanitary systems. Both applications are possible thanks to the exclusive top-pro anti-corrosion treatment which ensures the protection against corrosion of the inner surface of the tank and the fitness of all parts in contact with water.

Installing a D series sanitary vessel considerably cuts down operating costs, while surpressing the discharge function of your safety valve.

Wellmate Captive Air and Retention Tanks

These are easier to install than steel and tougher over time. The WM-series offers features and benefits steel tanks just can’t match.¬† Their corrosion proof composite construction offer a lighter weight, easier maintenance and less expensive installation. The preferred choice of professionals.

Features and Benefits

  • Replaceable air cell assures easier field servicing
  • Greater drawdown than comparably sized steel yields greater efficiency
  • Extended labout warranty option is available to homeowners
  • Won’t rust in corrosive environment, particularly important in coastal regions
  • Quicker and less costly to install, usually requiring only oone person and fewer man-hours.
  • Wider presure setting differential provides greater flexibilty.