Pool and Spa Pumps


We supply a range of Swimming Pool and Spa Pumps that are able to handle various sizes. Pumping of clean water for domestic, industrial, agricultural and gardening purposes. Suitable for open wells, ponds and tanks in applications like water transfer, sprinkler or drip irrigation, domestic booster or booster sets. The submersible water pump range is available with or without a float switch depending upon the individual requirement. 



Centrifugal single stage pump with VS for water recirculation & filtration.


Centrifugal single stage pump for water recirculation.


Centrifugal single stage pump for water recirculation.

Understanding The Pool Pump

How to Maintain the pump

Maintaining a pool pump is simple. Have a look at the points below to get you started.

  • Check the pump basket and empty it weekly as leaves tend to accumulate which hinders the performance of the pump.
  • Regularly check the pump lid and o-ring (gasket) for hairline cracks as this could cause the pump to work less effectively. If there are cracks, these parts would need to be replaced.
  • Make sure not to over tighten the pump clamp as this can damage the pump lid and o-ring.
Replacing Parts and Troubleshooting

There are certain parts of the pool pump that can easily be replaced by yourself. However, there are also more technical parts that we highly recommend are replaced by a professional so as to not damage the pump.

Below are the parts that can be easily replaced by yourself:

  • Clamp
  • Basket
  • Pump lid o-ring
  • Pump lid

The pump lid and o-ring can develop hairline cracks over time, which leads to air being sucked into the pump. This would result in the pool cleaner not working as effectively as it should and can potentially cause the pump to run dry and burn out the motor.

Over time, the basket can also develop cracks. This allows for leaves and debris getting sucked into and stuck in the impeller. This hampers the flow of water to the pump which can cause it to run dry and burn out the motor.

Below are the parts which we recommend are replaced by a professional:
  • Shaft seal – this part fits between the motor and the impeller to prevent water from entering the motor.
  • Bearings – Pool pumps use various size bearings depending on the pump model. The size of the bearing should reflect on the pump’s information plate.
  • Diffuser o-ring – This o-ring fits between the pump body and the diffuser. This allows the pool pump to prime effectively.
  • Diffuser – This part surrounds the impeller to control the flow of water to the impeller.
  • Impeller – The movement of the impeller propels the water from the pool to the filter.
  • Flange o-ring – This o-ring fits on the flange plate to prevent water from leaking and entering the motor.
  • Flange plate – This connects the pump, known as the wet end, to the motor, known as the dry end.