Since 1978, Southern Pumps Ltd are one of the leading drilling and pump companies in the South of Ireland. We provide drilling for developments, agriculture, homes and businesses.

Domestic / Residential

After initial contact we would recommend a site visit. During this we would discuss the position of the well. Explain the Borehole construction , pump selection, pricing etc. Typically these are either 6” or 8” Diameter, drilled into the bedrock. Positioned away from any pollution source and grouted to protect from same. The Geology can vary a lot .i.e depth to bedrock, an it is normally the geology in your area that has the last say with your borehole. That said we have gathered an awful lot of experience over the years and you the customer are the beneficiary of this. We have also recently purchased a tracks rig for restricted access


A working farm is totally dependant on a good water supply. A poor performing borehole is like a sentence to some farmers, constantly watching the water, while others with good performing boreholes, with good volumes and good quality seem to get years of trouble free service from them. This is down to the geology in your area. That said a farm normally has a bit of scope to play with and in our experience it’s not uncommon to encounter two totally different performing boreholes on the same farm.

Please feel to give us a call. Advice is free.

Industrial Boreholes

Typically these boreholes require larger diameter pumps to deliver larger volumes. We have tooling to drill up to 450mm. We would recommend installing exploratory boreholes and the employ the services of a Hydrogeologist.


Old boreholes and shallow dug well, that are no longer in use should be properly decommissioned. If you have an old borehole or dug well on your property consider getting it decommissioned as it is at rick of polluting the groundwater. Oil tanks, Fertilizers, pesticides and other chemical should never be stored by a well of any sort.

Well Head Protection

Your bored well is your drinking water and should be properly protected. It should have a fitted well cap and above ground level with the ground sloping away from it, not underground and encouraging surface water and runoff into it. Ideally in a manhole with a drain from the floor of the manhole as to stop the manhole filling up with water.

Geothermal Closed Loop / Open Loop

We have installed countless Geothermal boreholes over the years and continue to do so with vertical closed loop to open loop pumps and dump.


We have been involved in and successfully completed a lot of projects over the years. We can install monitoring wells, pumping wells, supply pumps/ piping, generators etc.

Site Investigations / Ground water

We have been installing monitoring wells for years now and have all piping, coves, filter sock always in stock.

Well Testing Service


Southern Pump sprovide a full well testing service. This will help determine the water quality in your water source.


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