The Ultimate solution to Cold water boosting systems.


All new “easy fit” Vertical and Horizontal range

The all in one Aquabox System for Domestic and Commercial clean water applications. The Aquabox System makes plumbing easy, with less work, creating more space and less noise for greater comfort. A cost effective plug & play system.



The trusted range for transporting clean water.

The Classic Aquabox System, recognized for quality and efficiency for all your Domestic and Commercial clean water applications.



The Compact range.

A compact system design, still the same incredible Features and Benefits of the Classic series for narrow and limited spaces.


Tank Capacity available:

180 Lt, 270 Lt, 300 Lt, 340 Lt,

500 Lt, 750 Lt & 1000 Lt

• Lowara SC205 Stainless Steel
Submersible Scuba Pump
• Aquabox Systems Controller
• Ball Valve & Float
• 1” FM LA Ballvalve
Please Note: Overflow connection not supplied

Variable Speed

To find out more about the Variable speed option, please get in contact with us for more information!

Graph showing Aquaboxes constant flow

Additional Accessories:

Tank Drip Trays

Tank Insulation Jackets

Tank Acoustic Mats

8lt In/Out Pressure Tanks

Aquabox System

SCUBA Series

The Lowara SC205 Scuba, is a 5” Close
Coupled Multistage submersible pump
(0.55kw) with Electrical motor cooled by pumped liquid which is WRAS compliant.

The Lowara Scuba can be installed in vertical and horizontal positions.
The pumps low noise tolerance, stainless steel structure, “Double Mechanical Seals” system and engineered motor is designed for constant use.

Aquabox Systems Controller

The Aquabox Systems Controller starts the pump at the minimum water request and protects against dry running.

Inspection-able and integrated check valve, integrated pressure gauge, smart auto-reset and anti-seize function are standard.

Compact, adjustable, smart.

Various Aquabox sizes


The Tanks is manufactured from medium density recyclable polyethylene with UV light stabilizer for outdoor endurance, they are compact and strong. The Tanks light weight design makes for easy transportation and installation.